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Useful links

Department of Education

NSW Department of Education and Communiies Website.

Student Portal

Access to the Department's Student Portal application. (Student email etc.)

Schools A-Z

A useful resource to help with homework, ideas, and schooling in general. It is a Department of Education and Communities initiative.


A link to the official Naplan website which has all the official information regarding Naplan. It includes practice activities and a summarry of how Naplan works. Of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Kids Helpline

A great website for kids and parents. It includes information and activities for children and parents.

Youth Beyond Blue

A website to help and support families affected by childhood depression and anxiety.

Beyond Blue

A website to help and support adults suffering depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.


Parentline supports and nurtures relationships between parents, children, teenagersĀ and significant others who are important to the well-being of families.

Critical Information Register

Emergency Personnel often find themselves in a difficult position when they are presented with patients who may be young people and unable to communicate effectively, in a state of shock or unconscious. Emergency Personnel need to know their name, their preferred contacts and if they have any medical conditions or allergies which may effect the treatment administered.

This service offers a FREE solution to this predicament.

MyPD.com is an Emergency Identification service with unique ID's printed on cards, stickers for phones, wallets, bags etc, screen saver for smart phones, stickers for bike helmets, prams etc.